Fixed Wireless

For Network Diversity and Rapid Deployment—Fixed Wireless
Highly-available network connectivity is a key business driver for improved corporate productivity, overall customer satisfaction and top-line growth. Fixed Wireless technology delivers high-capacity applications in private Metro Area Networks. Your business doesn’t have to incur high build-out costs and long installation intervals waiting on fiber. Fixed Wireless provides diverse, affordable Ethernet connectivity to support Voice, MPLS, Private Line and Dedicated Internet.

▪ Diverse “last mile” access
▪ Rapid deployment
▪ Supports Private line, Multi protocol Label Switching (MPLS) with Quality of Service (QoS),Voice (SIP or TDM) and dedicated Internet
▪ Bandwidth range from 1 Mbps to GigE

▪ Ensures your high-availability network is operational with
last mile, diverse routes
▪ Installs fast, in 30 days or fewer*
▪ Supports current enterprise Service Level Agreement (SLA) with high-quality service and high-performance metrics
▪ Provides scalable bandwidth and a fully managed solution that minimizes upfront investments
▪ Offers network reliability and security with 24 x 7 support