Partner Program

Our partners are vital to our success and we work diligently to develop a mutually rewarding relationship that benefits you and your clients. Our goal is to expand your market position, and create a new revenue stream to complement and enhance your core services and products.

When you partner with The Coyote Group, you get commitment from a group of telecom professionals whose sole purpose is to ensure your success by helping you grow your business.Benefits Of The Coyote Group Referral Partner Program:

  • LEADS – Because The Coyote Group only works on telecommunications services, we generate warm opportunities for you in areas outside our expertise.
  • COMPLETE QUALIFICATION PROCESS – The Coyote Group will dive into the current telecommunication services to ensure we understand your client’s current services and needs.
  • CLIENT COST SAVINGS – We can often find cost savings compared to what your client is paying today, allowing you to accelerate your return on investment through network adaptations and technology review.
  • CARRIER DIVERSITY – Having worked with over 250 carriers across the country, we can provide an unbiased view of multiple carrier services, identifying their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • MANAGEMENT – Our project management team can be your single point of contact to interface with the carrier services to ensure your project stays on time and on budget.
  • SEAMLESS INSTALLATIONS – Our project management team will work with you to coordinate due dates and installations of services. In partnering on the installation we can make the transition of services seamless for the customer.
  • COMPLETE SOLUTION – We can provide a full solution from A-Z for your client. This will minimize your competition.
  • COMPENSATION – Commission structure is based on product and services.

To find out more about The Coyote Group partner program:
Call: Mark Wiley at (816) 806-2961